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Soggy Day with Great Fishing…

Fri…Mar. 1,2012…..A nice Friday, I took the day mostly to check on conditions after all the rain we have had, and to try some flies out. I was on the water with Brad Ball, Steve Lucey, and Stephen Starnes……and fishing was incredibly good where I fished as a few DH waters were stocked the past two days…..like 30-40 fish in about 4 hrs of fishing…..like about that many fish per person. Lots of blue wings in the air, not many fish rising with the showery weather. We fished right through several downpours and finally called it a day when a clap of thunder and a lightning flash caught our attention. Preferring to fish again in the future, we stopped right then and headed back to the truck.

Water levels were fine, 105 cfs which was really good and the water was clear. Water temp was 45F. Streamers, egg patterns,micro-mini eggs, y2ks, small Copper Johns, San Juan Worms, a Dead Squirrel strymph, just about everything worked.

DH stockings will resume on Monday and Tuesday of next week and fishing will be excellent right afterward. Hopefully the rains won’t blow us out. I have several trips next week, guiding Bob Ziegler of High Pt, NC on Tuesday on the TN Tailwaters, Matt Baldwin of Wilmington, NC on Wednesday, David Carter of Greensboro, NC on Thursday and Friday, and Jason and Dennis Dallin of Raleigh, NC on Saturday. Looking forward to some great fishing and fishing reports.

Have a busy Saturday tomorrow, as I will be doing an intermediate /advanced casting instruction with Bernie Brown of Greensboro, NC, in the morning. And Saturday night there’s both TU Banquets….Nat Greene Flyfishers here in Greensboro, NC, and the Blue Ridge Trout Unlimited in Winston-Salem, NC….so its a busy weekend too. But some much needed rest at home with the family and church on Sunday…..

Hope your Friday has been good and have a great weekend!


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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