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An Early Start…..

Fri….Mar. 2, 2012 …..Heading out early today, doing some R&D as I do ever so often to try out some new patterns.  Expecting a wet, soggy day….the forecast is for more rain and the potential is there for some severe weather.  In fact, the severe thunderstorm mantra will be around til late Saturday.

Headed out hit a few different waters, will have a report right from the water later this morning.  Just received another lot of  Fly Fishing Demystified by Dr. Bill Fisher…a great little fly fishing book, filled with a ton of information.  Over the past 6 years I have sold a pile of these, and most folks can’t believe how good it is….particularly with the choosing flies portion….ingenius to say the least.  Bill’s book has perhaps the best stuff I have seen written on a “hatch”, how to find it, an easy identification key, which fly to use and how to present it, fishing when there is no hatch, Rigging your line, locating the best fishing spots, how to avoid spooking fish, Recommended casts, Retrieving and Landing the fish, Tips, knots and more….   I used to carry these a while back but they were tough to come by.  A neat little book, will fit in a vest pocket if needed.  I just got a half dozen of these and don’t expect them to last for long…….  $8.95 plus tax and I’ll ship it for FREE  .

Thanks again, enjoy your Friday and weekend and I’ll have another report later this morning…maybe we won’t wash away….lol

Tight Lines….


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