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Good Day Fishing Yesterday and Escaped the Rain/Storms….!

Thurs…..Mar. 1, 2012…..March is here, and from the way the air and stiff breeze is today I would say spring is too.  Its warm, we’ve got plenty of water, and the fish are eating.  Had a good day yesterday guiding Josh Lee.  We put about 25-30 fish in the net, including a citation rainbow that was a beautifully colored, almost leopard- spotted rainbow.  We fished right up til about 5:00 or so…..and to the west and North the skies looked dark and ominous.  We got back to my SUV and got ungeared and hit the road and the heavy rain started just after that.  Our mountains got a good soaking but SW Va got the brunt of the mess.   But hey, its spring and I’ll take a lot of water over skinny water any day.  At least in March.  It insures we’ll have good fishable levels of water in many places right into summer.

Just updating a few things, have posted several days’ fishing reports on the site here , including a ton of pictures and some video clips.  We caught some really nice fish this week, had two about 28-30″ on but they came loose…..LDR….long, distance releases….. we were bummed…but then again, we’ll be out again next week and going after some of those giant SW Va rainbows…..

Today marks the beginning of the first spring stocking of the Delayed Harvest Waters everywhere…..and the closure of Hatchery Supported Waters (Green Diamond) for the entire month of March.  Hatchery Supported waters reopen for fishing on the “traditional” opening day….. the first Saturday in April….which is April 7,2012Delayed Harvest waters are not closed, again….we are talking about Hatchery Supported….the two are different classifications.

I have just posted /published the March Small Stream Hatch Chart too, you can click here to view or print one.  One thing I’ll say about bugs…..I have seen a ton of bugs out already and if this is any indication of what’s to come….and usually it is….we are in for one heck of a dry fly spring and summer.

Doing some updating to our sites today as I do around the beginning of every month and will be finished today.  Also will be working on a pile of fly orders, those sorts of things pile up when you are on the water a lot.  But its all good!  Will be doing some R&D fishing tomorrow and will have some current reports on conditions and fishing.  Forecast is for more rain, we’ll see how heavy it is.  I have a week’s full of trips next week.

Have a great day today…….


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     Photo 1.1   Citation rainbow landed yesterday while guiding Josh Lee…..it ate a #22 Ginny Midge….Josh did a textbook job of playing a large fish on a tiny fly and small tippet.  You can see the video clip on my fishing reports page of our  website here  or directly via our YouTube channel  here  .


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