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Good Morning, Catching Fish on Top…

Fri…..Feb. 17,2012….Had a great day on two waters guiding Marty Hurley of Asheboro,NC. Didn’t expect to be dry fly fishing most of the day but fish were rising when we arrived and they rose for several hours to some size 20 blue winged olives. Marty did well landing probate ly a dozen fish, all rainbows on a dry fly….including one 20-22" fish that took one of my CDC blue wings. He also landed 3 fish on a nymph rig as well. I wasn’t surprised at some rising fish but I was suprised at the number of risers. The weather was nice, 60F and the water temp was 44F. We took a break for lunch and headed to another water.

We fished the rest of the afternoon with a double nymph rig and Marty landed about a half dozen more. We caught fish on a double hares ear and red glass bead fox squirrel nymph.

You don’t get many winter days like today, it was like spring. To catch some fish on top was a bonus was great not to mention a 20" plus fish on a size 20……a 20/20 which is awfully hard to do….but Marty did it.

Hope your weekend is great…looks like more rain and snow on the way….


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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