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Good Day, Fished in Rain, Cold, Then Snow……

Wed…..Feb. 8, 2012…..What a day…..guided John Pratt from Burlington, NC , today and in 8 hrs we fished in every conceivable weather except sunny and 70 degrees ….we got 5 minutes of sun but that was it…..no 70 degrees…..try 38, then 35….and then 31F and windy with heavy snow squalls. We fished the last 3hrs in snow showers…..after loving snow and having almost none this winter I was loving it.

The first place we fished we hit about four or five runs and holes and John landed 11 rainbows and 1 brook trout. One fish had been eating blackflies as I found some larvae on me when I pumped the stomach of one fish. One had been eating enough of them it was as plump as a football. We fished in light to moderate rain showers most of the first half of the day and they stopped a little after noon. And the weather folks were saying 30% chance of rain……hmmm a bit off I would say. We caught fish on a variety of flies….but mostly small stuff. I had tied some downsized versions of a Whitlock Red Fox Squirrel using a Red Glass bead and a soft hackle and a clear tail. It smoked them, as did a pumpkin pt and also a blackfly larva. Saw tons of black stones and a dun caddis or two but no fish were rising early but there were a few rising when we left. We tossed a dry for a few casts but to no avail. We took a lunch break and I drove us to the next water.

We drove through snow squalls on the way up, and by the time we resuited up, got in the water….it was coming down on us hard. First snow I have fished in in weeks. I was loving it, and as far as I was concerned it was game on.

We stuck one nice rainbow in the first run, but it yielded nothing else so I drove us to another spot. There we found several willing participants….and John scored about a half dozen more rainbows and we had several more on briefly that came off. We caught them on a variety of stuff….one of my new Strawberry2k flies, a fox squirrel nymph, and a new nymph called a Tinman. We were doing well and as soon as things slowed down John and I headed out and back to the car and on to the last spot we would fish.

We climbed down the steep bank to the river and made it up to one of my favorite late in the day spots….I did what I often do and that is put on two large flies and trail a small one off the rear. It worked…..like a charm. John scored a brook trout, 5 rainbows, and one nice brown, a citation fish at about 17-18"…..it was the best fish of the day. We fished a couple more spots and then called it a day. It was snowing when we left .

We drove the first forty minutes back through snow showers. It was great to get out on the water with John as I had been sick for several days and had not been on the river since last Friday. John , a regular client and recent graduate of my fly tying school/class , did a super job and is a good fly fisherman and excellent fly tyer. Fun to watch….!

Better turn in and will be having another busy day tomorrow… Have a great evening….


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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