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Incredible Weather, Some Good Warmwater Action…

Wed….Feb. 1, 2012….Put in a long day so took a few hours off  this afternoon before and til the beginning of an advancing cold front and rain.  It was warm today, and with a weather change coming thought I’d hit our pond here for a few minutes.  Well a few minutes turned into two hours pretty quick.

I had a great afternoon, trying out some streamers I have been tying.  The bass, crappie, and bluegill are shallow here….like in 2 feet of water.  A couple spots I’d swear the crappie were in less than that.  I covered a couple of drop offs and grass beds near the dam and it was great, about 20-25 crappie, 4 bass, 3 large bluegills.  Not bad for a couple of hours this afternoon.

Looks like wet weather is settled in for the evening and early morning hours.  I will be heading out in the morning to do some R&D fishing and testing out some flies.  I expect to have a fresh report not only on fishing but also water conditions.  Got to get out, been working around computer crash for a week and a half and its been a challenge keeping things going while the computer hard drive is being replaced and shipped back.  My solution..?  Go fishing!

Hope you have a great evening….


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    A nice February largemouth bass landed on a lead eye Krystal leech


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