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Fishing Improving Toward Week’s End….

Tues….Jan. 24, 2012……Have been doing a lot of fly tying and website editing, and also enjoying a hard drive crash..had our main computer that I do editing and web stuff on come to a screeching halt, kind of surprising for a new laptop, but oh well…..Will be a week before its fixed so we’ll be posting as much as I can.  The latest scoop and buzz has been about high water conditions.  If you fish our mountains or TN and Va you have gotten a full dose of it.  A lot of waters will begin receding by late tomorrow and hopefully fishable by Thursday, Friday, or the weekend.

We got between 1 and 4 inches of rain across our mountains, East Tennessee, and Southwest Virginia.  Here are the flows on some well known and favorite waters area wide.  The real time flow is shown for this morning with the normal flow in parentheses.

Escatawba /Dunlap Cr. 397(110cfs), Jackson R. 1160(280), North Fork Holston /Saltville, Va 861(350), South Fk Holston/Damascus, VA 1680 (490), South Fork New R, Jefferson, NC 711 (290), South Toe R/Celo, NC 300 (110), Davidson 490(105), Mitchell River 199 (90), and both TN tailwaters Watauga and South Holston releasing from 10 or 11am til midnight.

We will have our second session of our GTCC Beginning or 101 Fly Tying class this evening.  We will be tying bead heads, large and small, all the way down to size 20.  Have been putting together a lot of new recipes.  If you haven’t check it out, visit our Fly tying website to check out the half dozen brand new pattern recipes.  About 4 of the flies we’ve been catching fish like crazy on.

Have a great evening…!



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