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Great Day Fishing in Madison, VA…..

Thurs……Jan. 5, 2012….What started as a chilly day ended up really nice with temps in the 50sF and a light breeze. Spent the day with Earl and Douglas Dear fishing a private stretch of the Rose River in Madison county, near Syria, Banco, and Culpeper, VA. Had an excellent day which began with about a dozen fat 15-18inch rainbows which were caught nymphing with egg patterns.

It wasn’t long before the rising temps brought on some heavy midge activity and within an hour or so there were fish rising everywhere. Switching to a dry/dropper was simply deadly. The dropper was a #22 zebra with a bright silver glass head….I tell you that is about the best utilitarian small fly pattern ever developed. We landed another 12-15 rainbows and one 16-17" tiger trout….which is a cross between a brook trout and a brown trout……and its a rare phenomenon to catch one in the wild. This is only the second one I have ever seen in the wild, and certainly the largest…as they are usually fingerling size.

We changed rigs and went back to Nymphing and again caught another 10-12 or so….I switched the rod back to a large nymph with a dropper and it worked like a charm. The last pool had some more riders in it….so we switched rigs again and finished the day catching a half dozen more on top. All together between 40 and 50 fish , all of them 14" or larger….so it was a great day indeed.

I am en route from Charlottesville, VA, and will be in late and getting out early again. Will be guiding Ken and David Anderson, and looks like its going to be warm again. This is January, right..?

Have a great evening….


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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