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Cold Day, Large Fish…..

Sat…..Dec. 17, 2011….What started out a cold day in the 20sF and snow flurries remained cold all day. It was windy too which made casting interesting, but it didn’t put a damper on the fishing. Guided Dr. Spencer Tilley and his son Nathan, and we had a great day but was all nymphing. We put 30 fish in the net, and both Spencer and Nathan caught 2 citation sized fish each plus Nathan caught the "grand slam"…brookies, rainbows, and browns. We had a 19in rainbow, 19 in brown, 17 inch brown, and the last fish, caught by Nathan that was a 24" rainbow. We caught fish on flies large and small, and a lot of fish nymphing deep with various midge patterns. The cold shot of air is good, more seasonable than all the nice temps last week. This is more normal weather and usually produces more fish than those nice weather days.

Will be enjoying a day off tomorrow and doing more guided trips Monday and Tuesday, will be Guiding Dr. Don Lucey and his grandson Luke, and on Tuesday Fred Gebarowski of Cary, NC.

Looking forward to some more great winter fishing and will be posting more great reports.

Have a great weekend,


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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