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Cold Morning, A Big Clear Up Coming….

Thurs…Dec. 8, 2011 ….After the past two days of wet weather things are looking up, at least by the end of the day that will be the case.  Many waters have either begun to crest or already have, and things will be clearing out slowly.  Perhaps a little slower than last week, as the water was still on the high side when this last two day round of rain and snow swept through.  Our mtns got some snow, a dusting to about 1 or 1.5″ seems to be the norm, with a little more at higher elevations.

I have an advertised trip special, our Annual Winter Escatawba Trip on December 16, 2011….the water levels are up and Dunlap Creek  in great condition and this time /trip should be incredibly good… I find myself thinking about the last trip when the water was up…it was insane, I think the top person caught 40 or so of these big fish…..I can take up to 4 anglers….I am offering a Christmas Special before a slight 2012 price increase, the only and first in 0ver 10 years on this water….This trip is usually a $250 to $295 per person trip, so to kick off the Christmas holiday season we are offering this one time special of $195.00….  included is guiding, flies needed for Dunlap Creek, trip photos, etc., participants are asked to bring a lunch and a couple well rested and strong arms for fighting fish….this one will be a hoot…..great to fish somewhere where every fish is a big fish….And no VA license needed…..! This price only applies to the December 16, 2011 date.   Pictured below:  client Marty Hurley with a beast of a rainbow landed from the Washout on the upper “Washout” area of Dunlap Creek at Escatawba Farms on a trip with me last winter.  Yes we will fish this area on the trip, and yes there are several leviathans like this fish cruising there….I can show you exactly where they are….    Escatawba Farms Dec16 Trip Special Slot can be purchased here


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