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Crisp Morning…..

Fri…..Nov. 25, 2011………….A nice crisp, clear morning….boy can you see the stars.  Happy Black Friday..enjoy shopping if you go, Dr. Jim Kramer and I are headed to fish a remote spot and shop for some rainbows and browns…..except there will be no long lines, no cash registers and what not.  Just lots of open space, beautiful scenery, and some good fishing.  I have just mailed out our new newsletter, its got a ton of stuff in it, hope you enjoy it.  I sure enjoy putting it together, and what a joy it is to go through the photos of the past few weeks and pick out photos to include in the newsletter.  You can view the newsletter here .  We have lots of Featured Trips for 2012 and one in particular that is noteworthy, and that is our annual Wyoming backcountry trip.  I have found some ways to shave off some expenses and am offering this trip at $1995.00, which is $400 less than previous years’ trips.  Its truly an incredible fishing trip….ask anyone who’s been……  Also coming up we have an Escatawba Trip on December 16, 2011….we have 3 slots to fill and it ought to be good as the fishing pressure on Dunlap has been light this fall and its a great chance to catch some hugenormous rainbows….is hugenormous a word?  Who cares then the fish are huge?

Have a great day today and I will be posting a report later today on our fishing today…….Happy Black Friday and a great weekend to you…





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Two Trout Killers Sharing the Stage....A Dead Squirrel and a Skinny Nelson Nymph


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