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Great Day of Fishing Yesterday…….

Wednesday …..Nov. 23, 2011…….Had a great time guiding Dr. Todd Gerkin, Dr. Keith Clance, Greensboro, NC, yesterday, met Todd and Keith here in Greensboro, NC, and we loaded up and headed uphill.  With the cloud cover and mist/drizzle I knew it had the potential to be one of those days they wouldn’t soon forget.  That was the case, the guys landed about 50-60 fish and we caught them on a variety of nymph rigs, and dead drifting streamers, and we did well on them as well.  We landed 40 fish before lunch….it was game on for sure.  We took a lunch break, then came back and probably caught 20 more….we fished til dusk and Keith, in the last run we fished, jumped a moby of a rainbow.  The fish looked to be 20″ plus and it jumped 2 feet in the air and with a headshake broke Keith off..  We were stunned , as it happened so fast there was really no time to do anything about it.  We landed about 3 or 4 more before fading light caused us to call it a day.  It was a day of catching today…

Had a trip planned today with Mike Workman, Thomasville, NC, a friend and regular client of mine, we had planned to go chasing some of the giant 10lb plus private water rainbows on some leased water that I have access to….  but the heavy rains that passed through with the front that moved across our area last night resulted in some high water conditions and muddy water in a lot of places.   Some places might be fishable today but others are a crap shoot……  Am spending the day catching up on orders as well as some web editing and getting our updates in before the Christmas rush hits us……..  We will have more fly specials coming up…….

Have a happy Thanksgiving !



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