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What a Great Day Yesterday……

Wed…. Nov. 9, 2011 –What a great time yesterday guiding Clifton Mobley of Raleigh, NC, we fished late and Jeff is pooped today…!  I met up with Clifton in Old Fort and we headed off, knew from the start the day was going to be a good one.  The air just had that kind of feel about it.  And the fish were on from the moment we stepped in the water.  Clifton managed probably 10 rainbows and brookies from the first spot we fished.  We fished double rigs , egg patterns, a variety of small glass head flies including some new ones that I had recently put together as our ‘Fall Small’ fly special.  We did really well, landing about 30-40 more fish on the same patterns.  They really liked the small stuff.  Put on a mini bugger and we nymphed with that and turned a few with that as well.  We had a lunch break, then went upstream to a fast stetch I like because it holds tons of fish and they are usually pretty cooperative with the time of day, conditions we had, etc.  It was just like I expected, Clifton killed them….we probably caught another 25-30 fish more and finished with probably 75 or more on the day.  I keep saying it because it is true…..fish where the fish are with something they like to eat and catch them you will do.  Clifton is a new fly fisher, but you wouldn’t have known it as he did a great job of getting good drifts.  And good drifts are what its all about.

Home today doing some work around here, including working on some flies, fly orders, and other stuff.  Guiding Gordon Saunders tomorrow, should be an outstanding day as we have some cloudy skies moving in…..sweet…!  We should do really well.

Have a great afternoon …!



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