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Great Afternoon…..

Mon. Nov. 7, 2010….We had a challenging day right up until mid afternoon as the water was very low and clear and to say tha t the fish were spooky would be an understatement. Guided Rick Allen, Rob Vocci, and Harris Bucklin on a very clear Dunlap Creek in VA and we caught about 20 large fish, and 5 fish over 20 inches. It was a great ending to a tough day. We caught fish on a variety of stuff but they were not really keyed in on any one of two flies like they can be.  We worked and worked and it finally paid off.  I think 5 of the last 8 fish were over 5 pounds……hard not to enjoy that.  Especially since we had worked hard all day for them.   In early to tie some flies and get stuff together for tomorrows trip. Guiding Clifton Mobley of Raleigh tomorrow and we should do well as water is clear but still up a little.  Where we are fishing the fish have the feedbags on, should be rather interesting…….Have a great evening…….


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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