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Soggy Day, High Water, But Good Fishing….

Fri. Nov.4, 2011…….Started the day on the backside of a pretty strong frontal system that dumped up to an inch and a half of rain and arrived to meet my clients at a swollen, murky river…. Guided Andrea Clay and her 11yr old son Sam who were visiting from Dallas , TX ,on a full day trip. We fished in heavy rain, windy conditions, and a high murky stream. But I have been using some high water nymphing techniques for years and reaping a bounty when the conditions seem all against catching fish. But not today, we smoked them, 11yr old Clay landed 36 trout, a mix or rainbows and brookies, one redbreast, and about a 3lb largemouth bass. Andrea caught 8 fish of her own, making it an over 40 fish day. Folks are beginning to believe what I have known for a very long time…rainy, almost blow out days can be a golden opportunity. Like I say, get some good gear and mock the weatherman…..lol

I will be guiding Andrea, Sam, her husband Kent, and two of their sons tomorrow, one of which attends Wake Forest. We are already talking about next years trip….

After we finished, and being the high water fanatic I am, I followed a haunch that chucking a streamer would be deadly….I stopped and fished some myself and landed about 15 fish in an hour and a half of fishing. They were taking one of my meatwhistle flies really well, as well as my favorite streamers, a black krystal bugger of my own design/flavor. It was great. I also nymphee a few runs and caught 8-10 more and decided it was time to head for home.

Great day, if only tomorrow is half as good. With the rain this is going to be one heck of a great 3-5 days of fishing ahead….and streamers will smoke ’em.

Have a great weekend…!


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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