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Feels Like Fall (ing) into Winter…….

Monday….Oct. 31, 2011…..When the weather decided it was time to be cool it came with a vengeance.  Had two days Friday and Saturday that were about as raw as you could ask for and still manage to catch a few fish.  Ron Davis and his son Robert were troopers about it for sure, as casting in constant rain, wind, and 20-30mph winds is no fun no matter how much fun this flyfishing thing is.  But the guys stuck it out, and in the end were rewarded with some fish…pretty impressive too, as we didn’t see other folks catching much of anything.  I felt fortunate, and at the end of the day on Friday we ended with 3 really nice fish…redemption for having braved such nasty conditions.

The chill in the air is great, I am looking forward to winter fishing.  Not only because I love fishing in the snow, but we also tend to catch our largest fish in cold weather…so Bring it on!  I have been busily stocking the boxes with flies, I cranked out a bunch yesterday and last night and hope to fill more holes this evening and in the morning.  Then its down for a day or so as I am having another back procedure….what fun..

In any case I had mentioned offering a special on our Winter Fly Assortment of Assortments…I believe they are some of the best flies you can fish on NC and VA waters.  Its a good deal, here’s more:

Big Fish Fly Assortment

When it comes to an assortment that can tempt large fish I am not sure that you could find a better set of flies for day in and day out cool weather fishing. This assortment includes 2 each of 6 colors of the incredibly deadly Y2K (stands for Yarn, Two Knots) fly…..I have been guiding fly anglers for almost 25 years and I have never fished a more deadly cold weather fly. The last two seasons alone my clients have caught/registered over 100 citation sized fish (NC fish 18-20″ or larger) on guided trips taken with me, and I would say that at least 80% of them ate one of these flies. If you fish NC Delayed Harvest waters like Stone Mtn’s East Prong Roaring River, the Mitchell River, Helton Creek, Reddies River, Ararat River, Wilson Creek, Curtis Creek, the Mountain Heritage Water on the North Toe, the Watauga River, The Tuckasegee, the Mills……you can’t afford to not have an assortment of these in your arsenal. Check out the website header at the top of this page, note the Y2K in its snout , the 13lb brown, 33″ long …and it was caught on one of these flies…second largest trout caught in the state of VA in the last 4 years. Total Assortment is 18 flies….12 Y2Ks, 6 mini eggs….all for an unbeatable price. You’d pay ten dollars more for these anywhere else… $27.00 + tax and shipping is FREE…. Click here to Purchase

Well, back to tying flies.  Have guided trips Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun Afternoon, and the entire following week…..looks to be some ‘catching’ weather…and I can’t wait.  Have a great evening……


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Ron & Robert Davis on the South Holston…..a cold day!





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