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Cold and Wet in East Tennessee..


Sat. Oct. 29,2011…..Cold and wet here in East TN, we had a lot of rough, nasty weather yesterday.  Fished in rain almost the whole day, temps in the high 30s, and windy too…..sounds wonderful!  We found a lot of rising fish but it was very tough.  Guided Ron and Robert Davis.  It was Robert’s first trip, what a way to get initiated.  We caught probably 20 fish and some really good ones.  Almost all our fish on midges and the odd sulphur or two.  The fish were tough, a bit unusual for this kind of weather.  We had blue winged olives, midges, and a sulphur flurry or two. 

Sitting at the table tying some blue winged olive patterns this morning, sipping some fine coffee, and listening to the light rain/snow mix peppering the roof of the house here on the banks of the Watauga River here in Elizabethton, TN.  Finishing up and then we are heading out to fish this morning.  Lots like the same conditions as yesterday only colder.  Hoooooo rah…..

More to come…..


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