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Fall Fly Special…..

Thursday….Oct. 27, 2011……hey Everyone,  got a ton of interest in the Fall Fly Assortment Special.  When I emailed the link, some folks found it to be working and some not.  My apologies for that, that is what I get for sending an email standing in the edge of a trout stream…..!  But in any case, here’s the link below, it takes you right to my webstore where it can be purchased quickly, easily, and securely.  These are really for shipment and shipping is FREE.

JWFF Fall Small Fly Assortment

Each Assortment contains (2) flies, 6 different patterns, a total of $18.00 per dozen.  The six patterns included are CDC Glass Head Golden Nugget, Glass Head Skinny Nelson Nymph, Glass Bead CDC Zebra, Glass Head Blue Ice Nymph, Glass Head Zebra Midge, Miracle Mini Egg……  a pack of Trout Cryptonite if you ask me….

We will be having a good many of these offers in the coming months of different patterns.  I am rebuilding the fly portion of my site, which is both time consuming and tedious, but will provide an easy way to have access to my personal favorite flies.   Why fish will any fly when you can fish with a guide fly?

All of them you will find in my box.  These are not seconds, not tied somewhere else, in a far away far east corner of the globe by folks who do great work but who don’t fly fish and have never seen a trout.  No, these are first quality, guide approved and trout bum tied by yours truly, here in the Appalachians, in the USA….the best country on the planet(hey we think so!)   We know of no other guide service in the southeast who does this……

Have a great evening and tight lines…….!


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These flies put a lot of difficult fish in my guide net over the past few months....


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