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Incredible Day to Be On the Water…..

Sat… Oct. 22,2011…..What was an unbelievable day remained so in terms of the fishing and the weather. I was guiding Chris Ramseur and Rob Fountain and we fished three different waters and had a knock out day nymph fishing. The water was 50F and the fish were eating like gangbusters. We broke for lunch about 2:00pm and I honestly swear the guys caught just south of 75-80 fish. We took a lunch break and then headed on to some different water and it was much the same. About 15-20 more or so, a mix of browns and rainbows, and we stopped somewhere around 100. We didn’t catch any huge ones today but numbers were incredible. We caught fish on a variety of egg patterns and one of my new creations the Glass Bead CDC Zebra….rainbows simply can’t leave it alone or let it drift by untouched. I got tired of netting fish….

Have a ton of incredible photos I am posting to the site rift now and they are some great fishing pics plus some of the most gorgeous fall river photos I have ever taken. The color is out of this world this year.

A day of Sabbath rest tomorrow and time with my family and then next week and several more guided trips and lessons. Have a great weekend and may the Lord richly bless you …

Tight lines..:


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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