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Good Start To Wyoming 2011…..

Wed…..Aug 17, 2011…….The weather was perfect, and got in on time and without any snags. Took care of a few quick errands in preparation for our backcountry trip day after tomorrow, then it was on to Hwy 89 and the upper Granite Canyon……we drove WAY IN, like 15 miles and got into some native brookies and Snake River finespotted cutthroats. About a dozen or so, and all of them on a size 12 Fat Albert in red…..what a contrast to those tailwater sz 22s we regularly use on our tailwaters at home. It’s great to be able to fish a fly so large it looks like a creme filled twinkie floating down to the fish. These guys smash large dries with reckless abandon……

Headed back to Teton Village for the evening and get some rest. Hopefully it will be another great one as I will be picking up one by one the rest of my 5 clients . Hope your day was grand and I will be posting more tomorrow…..have a great evening…!


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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