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Good Morning …….a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood…..

Wed……Aug 3, 2011……Well, its a beautiful morning…..nice and cool…. I am headed over to TN with clients Dan Camia and Larry Tomar, we are going to fish the South Holston. I was up late last night tying terrestrials and a large white streamer called a Meatwhistle. Our plan is to feed some wild browns some of those flies.

We are expecting also to get in on a bit of a sulphur hatch too. Got plenty of ammo in the box to match those if we get on a hatch of them. We will be hopping around quite a bit with the release schedule the way it is, the TVA is running from 11am til 7pm. We will fish downstream til the water comes up and then head upstream to catch the hatch.

Hope you are having a good week, stay tuned for more from the river……

Tight Lines….


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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