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Ray Clarke of Greensboro with a New R smallie

Mon… Aug 1, 2011…..Hope all is well and that you had a great weekend.  Just finished up on our upcoming newsletter, and folks subscribing to our Real Time Fishing Reports get first peek at it.  You can view/read the new newsletter here .  It is loaded with new pictures, articles, a fishing report for the whole area……lots of great stuff.

Looks like this week is more of the same weather wise, but I would say that in a way I don’t mind it at all as we have been getting into some great terrestrial action.  Because of that, I have been steadily tying, maybe tying up a storm would be the way to describe it…..beetles, inchworms, ants, if its a terrestrial I am tying it…..  Plus getting all the flies ready for our Wyoming trip in a few weeks.  To sum it up my vise is smoking hot from use…..and that’s a good thing!

Yesterday’s rain/thundershowers were a good thing…..a lot of places needed some rain badly.  One plus too is that as long as the stream doesn’t get really high and dirty you can do well catching fish after a good shower.

Have some evening instruction today with Scott Hale and his two sons, and then the rest of the week I will be doing several guided trips.  Should have some great fishing reports for you.

Take care and stay cool….!



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