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Dog Days are Here Again…..

Sun…..July 31, 2011……  Enjoying a day of rest, boy is it hot…but today we have some relief on the way in the form of rain/thunderstorms as the weather folks are saying a front is moving our way.  That is good, we need some rain and that will give a lot of our smaller waters a shot of fresh water.  If the stream you fish doesn’t get high and murky or muddy, the fishing can be stellar after a rain.  The fish often go on the feed and we do quite well during these times.  Also, this time of year you want to fish early am hours to get into the best fishing as it takes water a long time to lose its heat and the morning is when you have the coolest water temperatures.

Have had some good days this week, mostly terrestrial fishing but we’re still getting into some regular sulphur hatches on the South Holston still, so that opportunity continues to be available.  We even caught some this past week on high water as the high water sulphur hatch is now in full swing too and the fish are loving it.  Did some “R & D” fishing on the Smith yesterday with longtime friend, fellow guide, videographer Tom Jackson, T5Video, Lexington, NC, and we had some decent action on terrestrials.  The fish are definitely in full summer mode right now…..and lots of fish shallow and on the banks.

Click here for a free printable August hatch chart for our smaller waters.  Look for our upcoming newsletter as I am almost finished with it and will have it out early this week.  Have a busy week coming up for trips, we’ll be on small streams, the Holston, and the Smith River, and probably a smallmouth day or two if the weather cooperates.  Will hopefully have some great reports right from the river for you as well.

Thanks and enjoy your Sunday…!


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