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Challlenging Day of Fishing…….

Fri….July 22, 2011…….What a contrast from yesterday….today’s fishing was a challenge. Guided Dr.Bill Berry from Raleigh, NC, and we fished smallmouth. It was blistering hot, and while these kinds of days yield good fishing, today was an exception. We caught a few at the start, and one really good fish, maybe a dozen smallies and a dozen redeyes altogether. All on poppers, we took a lunch break and then headed river. It wasn’t long before thundered began to pile up and soon we found ourselves heading back to the car …..It rained cats and dogs, enough to get he ditches running hard and red. It was a blowout. Within minutes the river was getting stained and in a half hours time it got Orange muddy. A mess. We tried one other spot, the water was clear but rising and we got in and hadn’t fished 15 minutes before another storm ran us off the water….oh well. Hadn’t had one of those do that in a while but its summer and part of it.

Doing some instruction tomorrow with Franchone Bass and trying to get finished before it gets blazing again. Have a great weekend and stay cool…


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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