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Back Up and Running …..Finally…

Friday…..July 15, 2011…….Finally have our new internet service complete and been playing catch up.  Had cancelled the smallmouth trip scheduled this week so I put together a trip from the spring,  another rescheduling from the spring, Brian and Linda Fitzgerald of Thomasville, NC.  We fished the SoHo two days and had pretty good dry fly fishing, although the bulk of the action is pushed to the latter part of the day with the release being upped from 280cfs to 350cfs.  That has had the overall effect of lowering water temperatures, which was the point with the TVA increasing releases to keep the river temperatures cool enough on the lower end to protect the valuable resource by keeping the lower river water temperatures from becoming elevated while the TVA was doing some dam maintenance.  But the flip side of that is that it has been keeping water temps under the ideal for sulphurs until mid to sometimes very late afternoon 4pm or later, so a lot of folks have been missing the hatch altogether.  Water temps of 52-54F are the target range for the hatch.  Less than that, and chances are you are seeing no hatch.  The 35ocfs release also has the same effect on some early morning midge and blue winged olive spinner fishing that is so consistent, and that is so reliable for providing some early morning to midday dry fly opportunities….they are small flies and at 350cfs there’s more flow in the river thereby reducing a lot of the opportunity to the widest stretches of river….flats… and the fish are holding in different areas than they have been in many cases.  The extra flow enables them to feed on the margins…the edges….islands, bends, tailouts……just the way they respond to higher flows anywhere.  We fished two days on the SoHo, had some good dry fly action from 3pm on and caught probably 30-35 fish each day up to 16″, and the last day- — yesterday, we spent on the upper part of the New River on the NC side on some stretches I normally don’t fish til late July or early August…but we did ok catching probaby 30 smallmouths on poppers, about two to three dozen redeyes too, all on poppers for the most part.  The river on the NC side is clear in both forks, at least enough to fish, the North fork has a nice stain/color to it, and the South Fork is trout stream clear once again…..the first time in many days for these waters and the VA side is still heavily stained to muddy as you go downstream.  …..

Guiding Larry and Lawrence Pritchett tomorrow, should have more reports then.    Have a great Friday and weekend…!

Linda with a nice flatwater brown

Brian with a nice rainbow on a Jeff's #18 Dorothea emerger

NC New River smallie on a Frugal frog #6

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