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Wednesday……July 6, 2011…….Greetings friends, have been taking advantage of some downtime to get caught up on some things….we are expecting to be online again sometime Friday and hopefully we will end up with mega fast service ….sure helps when you do as much online as we do.

This has been an unsettled weather week, but fishing has been pretty good despite it. Most small waters are fishing well, water temps are 60-64F area wide which means bug activity is early and late with terrestrials firing the bill during midday hours. Sulphurs continue to come off the SoHo, that is a water temp thing so when you find temps of 52-54F you more than likely will find sulphurs. Will be guiding Brian Reams and his son there tomorrow…..they are from Nashville,TN.

A lot of the New, both forks on the NC side is muddy due o afternoon t-storms. The forecast holds the rest of the week so we might be looking to next week before those places are fishable again.

Been wrapping up some more of our stuff for th August Wyoming trip. We should be hitting it right as the runoff is late and lasting longer than in most years. The Jackson area got 720 inches of snow….yes that isn’t a typo, its 720 inches.

We will be horsepacking it 15 miles into the backcountry north or the Turpin Meadows wilderness. We will fish the Buffalo, the Soda Fork, the North Fork, and Divide Lake, a high mountain jewel that is teeming with 18-24 inch cutthroats that love eating a huge dry fly…..

More flies to tie for tomorrow’s fishing, better get back to it. Have a great evening…!


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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