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Another Great Summer SoHo Day….

Sat…July 2, 2011……Great day yesterday over on the South Holston…..was guiding Steve Krasicky and we got an early start and I met Steve in Emmett, TN and we got on the water well before 8am and had no other anglers to contend with.  We had some hookups almost right away on a couple of new midge patterns I have been fishing lately.  One has been a killer in particular, we caught several nice fish early on on them.  Things were kind of spotty or slow  until 130pm or 2pm and then the sulphurs started coming off in their usual fashion.  Some #18s first, which are dorotheas, and followed by a wave of 16′s that started about 3pm and mixed in the 18s the rest of the day.  We had good dry fly fishing until about 6pm when we decided to call it a day.  Steve put probably 30 or so total in the net, browns and rainbows, although the more numerous today and the largest fish were rainbows.  Nice job Steve, it was fun to watch…. 

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