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Summertime Fishing in Full Swing……

Friday……July 1, 2011…….Wow, how the summer has flown by.  We are definitely full head on into the summer season and we have enjoyed some great trips so far.  As I reflect on the trips of recent weeks’ past I recall some great terrestrial fishing and catching some 20 inch plus fish on beetles and inchworms…..or throwing poppers at smallmouth, or fishing the phenomenal and yes still going strong sulphur hatches on the South Holston…..and small streams where we have good water levels in a lot of places where normally things would be low and clear.  And its all still going strong.

With the past two days of quiet weather most runoff from Monday’s storms has subsided and things are shaping up for a good fishing holiday this 4th of July.  I will be guiding tomorrow on the SoHo and am expecting a good day there as the TVA has turned down releases to 280 cfs continuous sluice/flow.  This flow has yielded some incredible hatches and good dry fly fishing.

This month will offer a variety of opportunities and also traditionally marks the beginning of travel time for angler heading out west for an annual trip.  We are making the last part of preparations for our annual group Wyoming trip in August.  That time will be upon us before you know it.

Here’ s a link to a printable July Small stream hatch chart…………..    ..http://bit.ly/k2TEXf

Have a great holiday weekend and good fishing.  We will be posting reports from the water again tomorrow so stay tuned for more……

Tight Loops……


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