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Midweek Update…..

Wed……June 29, 2011……Hello everyone, we have been changing internet service providers and have had some significant interruption to our service as well to our phone lines.  Our new equipment should be completely installed by Friday and up and running as far as online service, email, etc.  Phone service will be complete by late Monday.  They are installing lines and are having to bury fiber cable 275ft to get to our location.  If you have sent an email, left a message, called we appreciate your patience and I will get caught up in responding as quickly as I can.

A few updates, last nights storms were a doozy, reports of up to six inches of rain across the area including the mountains.  On the positive side, we have plenty of water and most smaller waters have cleared up nicely and are fishable again.  May be a few days for the smallmouth, as those waters take the brunt of a hit and are usually the last to clear up.  On the South Holston dam maintenance has continued including a complete cleaning of the weir dam.  The TVA is sluicing 350cfs and will continue this for some time.  Our trips will resume on Friday on the Holston where I will be guiding Steve Krasicky from Greensboro.

Another update of note is the Virginia license issue.  Despite all the calls, emails, and communication contrary to an increase, the VA folks balked us and a new license increase will go into effect on July 1, 2011.  You can check out the details at this link:  http://1.USA.gov/mPJMB7 .

So what does it mean for us as non-residents?  It means that for a Non Resident license, trout stamp, and Natl Forest Stamp, which are what most folks buy for fishing a variety of waters in VA, the total cost last year of $76.00 has been increased to $100.00……an increase of 25%…..!!!!  5 day licenses which were $16 will now be $21.  Incredible.  If you like this then celebrate, its big govt getting bigger. If you don’t like it contact DGIF at dgifweb@DGIF.Virginia.gov , or call 804-367-1000.

Good evening and hope the rest of your week is superb…


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