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Good Gets Better…..

Wed……June 22,2011…….After the morning yesterday, it would be hard to imagine our fishing getting any better….but it did just that.  Our change in destination must have been meant to be….we not only got in on a good midge hatch early on , but the sulphurs turned on about 1pm and came in three ‘waves’ and there were times the hatch was as heavy as you will ever see it.  Fish gulping and rising everywhere.  With the three flurries we got #16 s (invarias, yellow/orange), and a #16-18 mix (some invarias, some dorotheas -smaller and pale orange), then a mega hatch of dorotheas later about two hours before dark.  So better have some small flies in the box too,  and we did.  It was magical.  The dry fly fishing today was a good as it gets, the Bighorn, the Missouri, Silver Creek in Idaho, and the Henry’s Fork ….they all had nothing on the Soho today.  It was as good as any of those places.   Simply put, it was abolutely phenomenal.  The bugs were still hatching when we quit at 8:00pm.  We got well over 100 fish total and now when I say June and July can be as good as May on the SoHo maybe folks will believe it….I believe it….Mike now believes it too!!!!    Believe it, now is some great dry fly fishing while the TVA is running a constant 280cfs release /sluice….the fish are loving it, bugs are loving it, …..I am loving it!!!!!    If anyone wants to take part in it and experience some great dry fly action now is the time….and I have a fair number of openings in July coming up as well.  Let’s Go Fishing!    We used a variety of flies but like most of the time with PMD and sulphur hatches you will do best with emerger patterns…..and so it was today.  The fish usually ignore the duns, particularly with the smaller dorotheas…..and they get off the water quickly due to the hot air temps.  The fish usually key on the emergers and ignore anything else.  Floating nymphs can also be deadly as can a wet fly technique letting the fly swing downstream in front of a rising fish…..whammo they hit it with gusto.  Happens more with dorothea hatches than with many others.

I have another trip on the SoHo tomorrow with Dr. Jim Kramer of Greensboro, then on Friday I will be doing a guided smallmouth trip on the Holston in Virginia with Jim as well……does it get any better?   I love it.

Hope you are enjoying the summer and look forward to fishing with you soon perhaps……

Have a great evening!


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