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Fishing the ‘Slop’ for Bass……

Sat……..June 4, 2011…….Had a trip cancellation at the last minute due to customer having a family emergency. Played some catch up with messages and fly orders, as well as tying flies for the week’s upcoming trips. Spent about an hour and a half at our pond testing a new 4 piece rod that Cecil Chapman brought by to me and wanted me to demo. It did a nice job on some bass, I caught about a dozen bass or so and one nice bluegill in about an hour and a half of fishing. Caught all fish on poppers fishing them in the ‘slop’ so to speak. What a charge it is to have a bass explode a hole in the surface layer of the pond…..it was like someone flushing the toilet on the popper…..I can’t get enough of that! Now that we have some topwater action on the pond I will do some short am or pm trips with customers all summer long.

Looks like we have a frontal boundary moving northward and our chance of rain/thunderstorms is pretty good tomorrow. We need some rain here, we are in a deficit if you can believe it.
Will be getting ready for a busy week to come, have a guided trip with Scott Morgan on Monday, a smallmouth trip with Dick Simpson on Tuesday, a 1/2 day trip with Susan Singer on Wednesday, a tailwater trip with Rick Allen on Thursday, and Joe May on Friday. I finish the week on Saturday with a trip with Ken McAllister. Should have some great reports……and the heat continues. Stay cool…..!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend…….


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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