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Great Week and Hopefully a Good One Coming Up…..

Sunday…..May 29, 2011…….Hope your weekend has been a great one. Things are finally heating up, and with the weather turning hot it will be terrestrial time ……and the ants are out in full force already. Had a great 5 day trip on the South Holston rainwater with Joe Craig’s group, an annual trip that has become on of our favorites. We had a great trip, caught a lot of fish, and some nice fish up to 20 inches……and all on dry flies. Finished up the week with a spring creek trip and some brookies and rainbows…….and then a day trip with Ken Doss and Dell Sikes on some NC waters. We caught a ton of fish Nymphing as the water was still high and murky from recent rains and thunderstorms. We caught probably 40 fish or more and therefore a good day…..it was great.

Another busy week coming up, have a guided trip on Monday with Dr Don Lucey, a Tuesday trip with Bill Leinster, a PM lesson with Brian Turpin on Wednesday, a Thursday private water trip with Brian Donley and Jim Fealy, and. Saturday trip with Chad Horelica and Dr. Chuck London. Should have a great week of reports and info.

With stream levels in good shape and some hot and dry weather coming up it should be some great fishing time. Have lots of yellow dries in the box and some terrestrial too as the bugs are mostly that with a smattering of blue winged olives and Lt. Cahill (small streams) around. I would also say we are coming into prime time for dry/droppers time on small streams as well. This time of year and through the summer my favorite rig is a sulphur dry and a zebra midge dropper 15-18" below the dry (rainwaters) and an Elk winged caddis dry and a small #18-20 copper john (red is a summer killer…..go figure) as a dropper.

Hope the rest of your Sunday is good and also that you have a great upcoming week. Remember all our servicemen and thank one if you can.

Happy Memorial Day……!


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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