Where Fly Fishing is a Professional Passion…..

Great Morning in East TN…..

Thursday……May 26, 2011……Back in the saddle again? Know the difference between a good guide and a psychiatrist? The psychiatrist can write prescriptions…….that’s according to John Geirach. Chasing some more big browns on the South Holston today and will hopefully have the Rx for a great day. Guiding the guys again on their annual four day trip….Pat Meisky, Joe Craig, Bill Leinster, Wendell Ott, and Locke Clifford. Should be a great day, it is hot , we have some severe weather again on the horizon so let’s hope we can get in a good 1/2 day before it arrives and we pack it in.and head home. More to come……


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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