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Great Friday Finish………

Sat…May 21, 2011…..Guiding Garland Granger and his son Wes who was in from Chicago for a two day trip. We headed to the Holston and the TVA surprised us with an all day release. So we headed over the line to NC and fished and did pretty well though it was mostly Nymphing. The guys caught over 30 and one brown 20" which was caught by Garland. Today we fished the Holston and got a blanket sulphur hatch and caught over 50 fish on dry flies….it was great. We were out at 700am and good thing as we beat the crowds. The hatch came early , like 10am and was still going when we stopped for lunch. The target water temp for the sulphurs is 50 to 54F and that is the range it was when we got bugs this morning. The emergers are working well….

Amazing dry fly fishing indeed…..headed to another spot. More to come.


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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