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Great Day and We Quit Early……

Sat…….May 21,2011…..What a day, was guiding Garland Granger and his son Wes today and we decided on an earlier than usual start. That would prove to be a good move as the nice weather brought out lots of fishermen. We were in the water and fishing by 700am. We got into the area I had chosen and it was game on. Wes nailed a nice brown on his second cast and a second one on his third cast. By 900am fish started working what would be a great hatch by smashing the first emergers …..we fished emergers and worked them over pretty good. By 200pm the hatch waned a little, but by then the guys had tallied over 50 fish on dry flies…..it was great. New patterns worked well and the best fish of the day, a 18.5" brown ate one. We broke for lunch at 200pm and the guys decided they better hit the road as Wes would be flying back to Chicago. It was a great day and fortunately the dry fly action was exactly how I would expect and Garland and Wes got to experience the SoHo in its glory.

I headed down river as the water was to rise soon …..they started at 100pm and would run til 5pm. I nailed about a half dozen fish in an hours fishing. Then the water came up and I packed it in an am now en route to Greensboro for the night and join my family for church and will return for a four day guided trip tomorrow evening on the SoHo with NC Superior Court Judge Joe Craig, UNC System President Tom Ross, Wendell Ott, Locke Clifford, Ron Davis, and Pat Meisky . Should be a great trip…….have a great weekend…..!


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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