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Mon…..May 16, 2011……What a week, and a new one ahead before us. Had an up and down weather week but some outstanding and at times amazing fishing. Culminated a great week of fishing by taking a day Sunday to slip away and take my oldest son fishing…….as they say in Montana the only thing we miss church for is death and flyfishing….lol. With Ben starting college our fishing has been greatly punctuated……and yesterday was fitting to make up for it and truly a gift from the Lord. It was amazing….I took him to several favorite haunts on the South Holston and to say it was good would be like saying Michael Jordan is a pretty good athlete. It was amazing…and to watch what I had taught over the years put into action was a real treat. He is good….really good. Ben matched me fish for fish and it is such a treat to be able to fish side by side catching fish and talking…..and I get to fish instead of playing dad the guide. We had between 75 and 100 fish, all on dries. Several fish in the 18-19" range, and the best fish, also a dry fly fish, a 20 1/2" brown that ate one of my new emergers . It rained pretty good on us and we had the whole river of rising fish to ourselves.

Guess what….? The rain all adds up and the TVA changed generation schedules and started all day releases starting today. They will likely do this for a day or two. Cancelled my trip today with Dr. Scott and Diane Bertrand due to releases. Hope the pattern is short lived ……the fishing is red hot right now and we want more….!

Stay tuned, more to come…..


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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