Where Fly Fishing is a Professional Passion…..

Warm Today and Some Severe Weather at Our Backdoor….

Wed…..Apr.27,2011…..What a nice morning to be outside, it was cool and cloudy with a nice breeze…..great fishing weather. Dr. Pat Burney and I had a decent day yesterday….challenging but much fun and we netted some nice fish.

Did some casting lessons with Pam Burris and Jack Harrington. Pam is headed out to fish the Bighorn in Montana…..got me to dreaming about some of our past trips there. If I concentrate I can see the heads and snouts of big rising bows and browns………better stop before I get too worked up.

A weather change is coming and are you tired of rain and flooding yet? Get ready as more is on the way. Strong storms ahead of a cold front are coming and we could be in for another round of flooding.

I fully expect to lose several days fishing to this one too but we will see ……maybe things will clear up in time for next weeks fishing.

Have our last Fly Fishing 101 session this evening…..hope the storms don’t put a damper on that.

Have a great evening..!


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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