Where Fly Fishing is a Professional Passion…..

What a Wet and Soggy Day…….

Fri….Apr. 22,2011….Had a pretty rainy day today, the way the day began I just knew we were in for some muddy conditions but surprisingly even though it was raining on us pretty hard the water rose but was never muddy.  Guided Paul King and his brother in law who was here from Michigan and even though the fishing was tough we put about 20-25 fish in the net.  With conditions the way they were we were either Nymphing with bead heads, a bunny/jiggy streamers with black being the best color.  We lost 2 gigantic fish, one rainbow, one brown.  Had a trip with Scott Morgan for Saturday but rescheduled to May in hopes of finding better water conditions.  Have a great evening and a Happy  Easter…



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