Where Fly Fishing is a Professional Passion…..

Reflections on A Challenging Week…..

Sat…..Apr. 9, 2011……Just reflecting this morning on this past week and its challenges with high water. Looks like today there’s a sequel to that chapter. We did get some t-storms yesterday but fortunately they were brief. Hope the pattern doesn’t continue, or we will be doing a lot of rescheduling of more trips in the upcoming week too. Had a cancellation and an unexpected trip come throuh but its sketchy today. Will be guiding Dr. Scott and Diane Bertrand on the famed catch & release water of Dunlap Creek, Escatawba Farms. Mr Barr, the owner, had a last minute cancellation by a large group so we get a shot at some fishing….provided the flow isnt too much—- and the 462cfs its flowing at is borderline. We’ll see……

Stopped for some coffee at Red Birch in Stokesdale, NC, early on the way out and it was an expected sea of camo as today is opening day of turkey season. I was envious as I heard the talking, laughter, and the jokes being told as everyone ate a biscuit and sipped coffee while talking about the anticipation of a great morning or turkey hunting that was to come. I am an avid turkey hunter as many of you know and it was hard not to eavesdrop on what they were talking about. I already had the itch now its worse…..Oh well, better stop there as its almost time to get into the river…..and we have some big fish to catch…….

Enjoy your Saturday and weeked ……..!


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing
"Where Fly Fishing is a Professional Passion"
3703 Windspray Court
Summerfield, NC 27358

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