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Fri…..Apr. 8, 2011……Did a guided trip yesterday in pretty high water conditions,  Guided Katie Eckman, Winston-Salem, NC, Lee Anne Distler, and  met Katie and Lee Anne bright and early and we headed to the water.  It was chilly, in the upper 30sF but from the morning air you could almost tell it was going to be a nice day…..and it was.  A very nice day to be outside.  Things are still pretty unsettled in many drainages in the mountains, finding clear water and water low enough to fish is an issue…..and this will probably continue with us having another system at our backdoor that is supposed to come in through the night on Thursday/early Friday and last into Saturday.  Rain and possible thunderstorms….lets hope they are on the light side…!   We had very high water today, so much so I feel fortunate that we had any fish to net.  Lee Anne Distler and her daughter Katie did quite well in some very tough conditions. We caught maybe 12-15 fish including one 20-21 inch citation rainbow, we had a mix of browns, brookies, and rainbows. Today we caught fish on a variety of egg patterns and bead heads…..but nothing in particular really caught a lot of fish. It was one here, one there, etc. Used more split shot to get down than I have used in years, we used indicators the size of a golf ball and six and seven weight rods…..it was heavy to say the least but I knew we would catch nothing if we couldnt get our flies down.  It worked, though it wasn’t pretty slinging all of that heavy stuff……Mid-afternoon we packed  it in and Lee Anne and Katie headed for home, while I surveyed some water I had not fished in months, and that got changed around pretty good over the past month or so with the couple of flood events that we have had.  Some areas that previously were deep and held numbers of fish have filled in and new ones have formed……always changing.  And looks like more bad weather potentially could be on the way, at least some rain, and it won’t take much to flood again with the water being so high still.

FYI -Weekend Fishing Report…….if you are small stream fishing or fishing the DH waters pack some extra split shot, heavy tippet, some big indicators ….and some larger streamers if you are fishing those.  We have been fishing with more “stuff” on the leader lately than I can remember in some time.   The water is up in a lot of places, the only places you’ll likely not find like this are nearby fisheries such as the Mitchell in Surry Co or East Prong in Wilkes Co., and maybe upper Wilson both the wild and DH sections both below and above Mortimer.  They runoff very quickly and stay high the least amount of time of any of our fisheries, mainly due to the fact that they are front slope drainages and run over a lot of sand/sandstone substrate and that clears faster than any other water type.  Everything else count on using a lot of weight.  Tailwaters, we’ll see if the Corp of Engineers and the TVA both have it in mind to allow some wade fishing this weekend with a decent schedule.  That will be posted later today.  We have more weather coming, rain and thunderstorms……lets hope they are light or we’ll be back to square one…


Have a Great Weekend…!






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