Where Fly Fishing is a Professional Passion…..

A Fishing……Um, I Mean A Catching We Have Been……

Thurs……Mar.24, 2011…….Still giddy over the awesome day Dr. Pat Burney and I had on Tuesday. It was truly a great day, we caught some good fish and almost 50 altogether. Had the opportunity to fish a lot of new fly patterns I have been working on.

No fishing today, did some fly tying instruction for much of the day. Shared some of my new patterns……trout chocolates I guess you could say.

Much of the mountains got a good soaking again yesterday with the frontal system that passed through. Some locations got a half inch while some areas in SW Va got as much as 4 inches or more. A lot of places are high and unfishable, others are becoming fishable as runoff clears through. A big weather change as tonight’s low temps are low 30s while the mountains will see 20sF and scattered snow flurries.

Will have another report for the upcoming weekend….Have a great evening!


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing
"Where Fly Fishing is a Professional Passion"
3703 Windspray Court
Summerfield, NC 27358

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