Where Fly Fishing is a Professional Passion…..

Awesome Fishing Conditions, Good Fishing To Come…..

Wed….Mar. 16, 2011……Some awesome weather, have spent the better part of two days trying to discover the source of a DSL Internet and phone line problem we have had for quite some time…would rather have been on the water but it appears we were missing messages and emails and finally were able to determine the problem as someone had driven over our cable post at the street and pulled our lines/connections apart.

If you have had difficulty reaching us that could be the reason and if so I apologize for that issue and will get back to you as quickly as I can.

As far as fishing its been good as water conditions have been good pretty much everywhere except the TN tailwaters. The TVA has been pumping 24/7 and will likely continue for some time. Bugs are hatching on smaller waters, a few size 18 black caddis, size 12-14 Quill Gordons, size 18 Blue Winged Olives……have seen quite a few lately. The fish have been taking nymphs well but with falling water levels it should be possible to nail a few fish on top. Had a great day Monday guiding Mike McKee of Raleigh, NC, a 35 fish day and some large rainbows….we sight fished to two really nice ones where everything had to go right to catch them and Mike caught them both.

Will be in Boone, NC tomorrow and meeting a couple of regular clients/friends Scott and Diane Bertrand and am looking forward to a great day. The fishing should be good with the mild temps.

Good fishing…!


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing
"Where Fly Fishing is a Professional Passion"
3703 Windspray Court
Summerfield, NC 27358

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