Where Fly Fishing is a Professional Passion…..

Well What Do You Know……A Rainbow…

Fri…..Mar. 11, 2011…..But not a lot else…..its very chilly, breezy, and the water is still high and cold. The only reasonably clear and fishable water as of right now is the East Prong drainage. It is very high and cold as overnight lows were below freezing ……I got out today more than anything to get out and check water conditions. I had a rod strung and made a few throws and caught three fish, a brook, brown, and rainbow…the last one was a fat 16" fish……. but you had to use so many shot to get the fly down that it was work to cast let alone fish all day. And with that much shot, a huge indicator, and two heavy bead head flies— look out if you make an errant cast….maybe a trip to the ER with a concussion if you are lucky…..maybe a skull fracture if you’re not…..lol

I headed back home at 1125am


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