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Real Time Fly Fishing Reports

hey all, are you about tired of all the winter weather…..?  I am used to it and love it but must admit its a bit extreme.  Wow, two big snows, and the first real winter in many years.  And looks like more is on the way.  Water is pretty high right now just about everywhere, a lot of places and swollen and will be so for a few more days as we have some above freezing temps the next two days so a lot of this stuff is going to melt.  Lake Brandt, which was drawn down pre-Winter storm, is now rising again and is very muddy/off color.  It also has a lot of ice on the upper end.  Higgins is pretty ice free on the main lake but very muddy.  Of all local waters Stone Mtn waters are clear and high but fishable.  Our private waters are fishable.  Tailwaters Smith, Jackson, South Holston, and Watauga are blowing 24/7 as they have tons of water to get rid off.  And they’ll have more as the 9-12″ of snow in the High country continues to melt……

Lake Brandt Spillway

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